All animations are (c) by Dean Dodrill. This animation pack is from Lori Central.
Lori Central is (c) 1999 - 2010 DrJones.

In this zip you will find almost all of the animations of Lori that were used in the game.

There are some animations missing because they were added into the game, like the animation where Lori looks like a ball, spinning rapidly.
Another animation not in this zip is the side-attack of Lori. Also, only the normal walk/run (it's the same) animation is here.
The turbo run animations were made only as the small version.

A special animation that I included is the selection animation that you see in the menu.

Description of each animation:

TEETER .FLCLori trying to keep balanced on the edge. This animation is used in the game, but not for 'on the edge'.
BUTTCRSH .FLCLori lands on her behind. (ouch)
DIE .FLCLori gets roasted.
DRNKWALK .FLCLori walks dizzy. (this one makes Lori look really goofy)
DUCK .FLCLori ducks.
DUCKSHOT .FLCLori shoots while ducking.
ENDLEVEL .FLCLori prepares to run off the screen.
FALLSHOT .FLCLori shoots while she falls. (this anim is used in the game when Lori falls from the sky after being teleported)
FASTRUN .FLCLori runs.
HURT .FLCLori's hurt.
IDLE1 .FLCStandard idle anim. Lori stands, ready for bear.
IDLE1-B .FLCThis is an addon to IDLE1.FLC, Lori stands still.
IDLE2 .FLCLori stretches her back.
IDLE3 .FLCLori stratches her legs and grabs her gun. The gun grap animation was never used in the game.
IDLE3GUN .FLCThis was probably supposed be an animation of the gun being thrown away.(?)
IDLE4 .FLCLori looks at herself in the mirror (she turns to face the 'camera')
IDLE4-2 .FLCLori looks at herself in the mirror (she turns to face away from the 'camera')
JUMPUP .FLCLori jumps up.
LOOKUP .FLCLori looks up.
POLESWNG .FLCLori swings on a pole. This animation is up/down. For the game, the animation was copied and rotated for the left/right swing.
PUSH .FLCLori pushes.
ROPESWNG .FLCLori swings on a rope. Not a vine.
SCREW .FLCLori buttstomps.
SHOOTUP .FLCLori shoots up.
SLIDE .FLCLori slides to a halt.
SPRINGUP .FLCLori shoots upward after being launched by a spring.
SURFBORD .FLCLori surfs.(hoverboard not drawn).
SURFTURN .FLCLori turns around on a hoverboard (hoverboard not drawn).
SWIM .FLCLori swims.
VINEHANG .FLCLori hangs on a vine. This animation was probably modified to be the helicopter animation.
VINEMOVE .FLCLori moves on a vine.
VINESHOT .FLCLori shoots while hanging on a vine. Her gun recoils on her.
LORISEL2 .FLCSpecial animation. This is the animation that occurs when you select Lori in the Character selection menu. This animation looks better and has a bit more frames than in the game.

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