Here are the Lori animations made by Dean "Noogy" Dodrill.

Big animationsDescription
The big idle animation of Lori! Kewlness!
Lori shoots while falling. This anim occurs only when Lori appears in mid-air after teleporting.
Lori running like the wind.
Lori ducks. Check out the kewl animation that's done on her ears and ponytail.
Lori looks at herself in the mirror. This animation consists of two separate animations.
Lori swings on a rope. noogy/anims/ remarked at one of the frames :"Looks like Helicopter".
Lori is stretching herself. She stretches her leg here and then grabs her gun. The part where she grabs her gun was not used in the game. Originally, the gun was supposed to fall out of her hand. Then Lori was supposed to look around and then just grab a new gun from her pocket.
Lori is stretching her back. Good animation, must have been hard for noogy/anims/ to make it properly (so all body parts moved the right way).
Lori swings on a pole, she looks happy :). This is the vertical animation. The horizontal one was done for the small sprites only.
Lori's hurt! But she recovers OK, she's a strong bunny :).
Lori is balancing on an edge. I like the way her teeth are drawn, it's just kewl. This animation is used in the game but occurs only randomly.
Lori's pushing something. The way her eyes close is nicely done.
Lori is roasted :(
Lori shoots up. The first two frames are used when Lori shoot, and the last one when she stops shooting.
Lori slides to a halt. Smooth :)
Lori shoots into the air after being launched by a spring pad. She looks really happy, and I'm sure you would be :).
This animations shows Lori surfing on a hoverboard. The board itself is not drawn.
Here's where Lori turns around on her hoverboard.
Lori's moving forward on a vine. Yes, she does use her ears as a hand.
Lori shoots while hanging on a vine. This one has, as all shooting animations, two shooting frames and the rest is the blaster's kickback.
Very short (3 frames) animation of Lori looking up. Cute :).
Lori...jumps. This animation looks weird when not moved around on the screen :).
Lori shoots while ducking. Two shooting frames and one kickback frame.
Lori buttstomps, all 8 frames of it :).
Lori prepares to run off the screen after completing a level. Only the small version shows her running away.
Lori lands hard on her behind. Ow! This happens when you try to buttstomp solid ground.
Small animationsDescription
Just a cool animated gif of Lori. It's been extracted from the game very well. I found it at Jazz2City. This is one of Lori's idle animations.
Another idle animation, but this time taken straight from the FLC.
Lori running very fast, also from the FLC.

Last updated: 21 November 1999