Here's where you'll find all Lori art drawn by Dean "Noogy" Dodrill.

This is the most used and the best picture of Lori. It tells very much about her. Just look at it: she's beautiful, smart, athletic and will go for anything.
This is the Xmas picture of Lori (duh:)). This one shows off her fantastic legs. Yo-ho-hoooo! Image cleaned up by Brian.
This a picture of Lori when she was still in 'beta' stages of design. You can see she had most of the features she has now.
Differences: Smaller chubby-er body, short hair, shorter ears and no sexy belly button.
This a pic of the whole JJ pack. It's never been used by Epic, Orange or Project 2. Noogy said he's not so fond of that pic of Lori. But I think she's really cute on that one.
Lori and Bonnie in a spiffy swimsuit drawing. Go Noogy! :)
This picture represents Lori's 18th birthday, and is also the first picture that Noogy drew that includes me :)

Last updated: 13 March 2000