If you are interested in getting your site hosted by Lori Central, this is the place to learn more about it. There are a few simple steps into getting hosted.

First thing you need to do run your idea by us, by contacting us through e-mail or any other medium.

Then there are rules you need to abide to. They're not so demanding as I saw at other hosters.
Violation of these rules will, after warnings, lead to removal of your site.

The rules:
No adult material
No illegal software
No foul language
It is preferred the site is in the Jazz Jackrabbit/Lori Jackrabbit theme, but not mandatory.
Other rules for accepting are negotiable.
You're not required, but encouraged to place on your site that you're hosted by us :)

What you get:
Plenty of webspace, about 20 megabytes
Support from us.
A handy, password protected web file manager.
An optional hit counter. This requires a tiny bit of modification to one of your site pages.

What you don't get:
An e-mail account. Sorry.
Ads and banners. :)

That's about it. These rules are subject to change at any time. Last update of these rules: 27 October 2002.

Sites currently hosted:

Devil Dash Webpage by JSZ Jazz.