Exclusively from Alexander Brandon for Lori Central: The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 soundtrack :)
Beach.s3m 153 KB Beach Bunny!. Beach level music.
Bonus.s3m 172 KB Pull Back the Bass. End credits music.
Bonus3.s3m 218 KB Jazz 2 Bonus Stage. Either not used, or I don't know about it :)
Boss2.s3m 254 KB Jazz Boss tune 1. Boss music
Carrotus.s3m365 KBCarrotus. Carrotus song :)
Colony.it 370 KB Colonius level 1. Colony song.
Damn2.s3m 443 KB Jazz be Damned. The hell song (in the last episode and the last boss level)
Diamond.s3m 150 KB Diamondus Remix. The Diamondus song
Fastrack.it 497 KB Fast Track. A race song.
Ending.it 989 KB Finale. The ending song, with Eva saying 'Oh, thank you, thank you *kiss*, *kiss*, *kiss*. :)
freeze.s3m 338 KB Hell Freezes Over. The frozen hell level music.
Funkyg.s3m 215 KB Hippie Heaven. The funky music from the psychedelic levels :)
Hell.s3m 243 KB Dark Groove (part 1). The second hell level (the yellowy one) music.
Intro.it 597 KB Jazz Intro. The intro music
Jaz27.s3m 325 KB Jaz27. The title screen/menu music.
Jaz30.s3m 120 KB Jaz30. Some unused song :)
Jazcast.s3m 274 KBJazz Castle. Castle level music
Jungle.s3m 279 KB Jungle Fevah v2.0. Jungle music
Labrat.s3m 300 KB Labratory Level. Lab music, with a cool electric sound in the beginning :)
Medivo.it 656 KB Medivo. An unused Medivo song.
Medivo2.it 666 KB Medival Jam. The Medivo song :)
Menu2.s3m 428 KB Jazz 2 menu music. Unused menu song.
Tubelec.s3m 321 KBTubelectric Remix. Tubelectric song.
Water.s3m 209 KB Water Level. Water level song.
Whare.it 638 KB White Hare. The song used in JJ2:HH98 and JJ2:CC.

Every link points to a ZIP file, wherein the song is contained.
You will need WinZip or any other program capable of unzipping a ZIP file.
Two more songs are missing, which is a boss and a bonus song, I hope I can provide them soon.
You can get all the songs in a huge file in the downloads section.
The descriptions are determined & guessed by me. The actual descriptions will be here soon :)
The names in bold are the actual song titles.
If you see something wrong, or know something better than I put down in the descriptions, let me know.
Enjoy :)