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The adventures of a bunch of furs who will run amok wherever they go! Life is never dull with these guys & girls. Forced to live together by a twist of fate they now find themselves facing up to the harsh realities of everyday-life. Witness as Lori, DrJones, Kaven, Natasha, Cobra, Haze and Kahn try to survive this crazy world (and come up with 'nuff rent by the end of every month).

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Mind over matters
Mind over matters

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Mystery Guest
"Mystery Guest"
Close Encounters
"Close Encounters"
Now where's that plushie?
"Now where's that plushie?"

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Lori's 18th Birthday
"Lori's 18th Birthday"


Original concept:
Haze Hackrabbit
Guest art:
Pascal "Shaft" Sosef
Haze Hackrabbit & DrJones
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