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For Jazz Jackrabbit related news go to Jazz 2 City, Jazz Central or The Rabbit Hole.For Noogy's news go to NoogyLand.

-October, 19th 1999
-The site's going to be announced today on Jazz2City, Jazz Central and the JMMB. The counter's up and working now (had some trouble with it). Let me know what you think of this site, and visit all the sections (don't forget the requests and the art sections ).
This is not the last update for today. Next update will be in a couple of hours (Real Life(tm) calls).

Update: Site's been announced. And I there's a big bunch of Lori info in the 'About Lori' section.
Update #2:I really happy that ppl are optimistic about this site :)! Also, added 3 new stories with the permission of The Rabbit Hole.
I'm also really happy that on the first day the site got 20+ hits! Personally, I don't know if that's much. If Lori was real *sigh*, she would be really grateful for all that attention.

Site updates: Functional counter added.

-October, 18th 1999
-Wohoo! This site is going online soon (this means today or tommorow), so put you pants on and get ready for Lori Central!
Some(?) of you might be asking themselves why I put news on this page while it wasn't even online. This was done to let you see how (easy/moderate/hard - make your choice ) it is to make a site. Besides, I wanted to have something to say every time.

Last minute update: It' s going to be uploaded today.

Site progress: Fan Art section done. Stories section added. Site is ready for-to-be-uploading (I.R. uploading,I.R. uploading!!).

-October, 17th 1999
- Built a 486-50 pc from parts I got from school, and I installed Jazz 1 on it for some good ol' Jazz 1 action.

Site progress: Some sections updated. This site is not far from going online!.

-October, 13th 1999
- Not much to say here today. At school printed out much of Dean's art (hey, with a T2-line and a 600dpi b/w Lexmark laser printer this takes a couple of minutes to be able enjoy the art forever!*drool*)

Site progress: Dean's art section is ready. Noogy's banner has been added at the bottom of this page. The news page has been fixed up some more. Almost nothing updated in downloads and links.

-October, 12th 1999
- Got Noogy's approval: "You have my approval for the site, and since I actually own Lori you have full permission to do it."

- Cool thing: If you buy JJ2 and TSF in one box from Project 2, you should get both games, each on one disc. First install JJ2 and then TSF.
Important: install both games to the same directory, so some TSF files will overwrite JJ2 files.
You'll then have a combined version of the game!
The features of this combo are:
Lori in all episodes!
The exe is version 1.24!
JCS is up to date and is backward compatible.

Site progress: More work done over the past 2 days: new sections added(2 art sections/requests/about this site/downloads), wrote some yadda-yadda in the about section. Fixed things. Added copyrights in menu frame

-October, 10th 1999
In tha works right now! Translation: Just started working on this site.

Site progress: some art has been made, a couple of sections have been put in(News/About Lori/Links).


This site is maintained by: My brain, my computer and errr...too much Jazz&Jazz 2(custom) music.
This site is really maintained by: Me aka DrJones. Learn more about the little split-personalitied me here.
Then again, don't look at it, it's humiliating cheap_7by6pixels_smile.gif (hehe).
Much thanks to Dean Dodrill aka Noogy for encouraging me to start this site.